Who We Are

Han’s Laser Financial provides financing and leasing solutions to manufacturers and distributors across the United States. As Han’s Laser Financial representatives have over 20 years experience in the equipment financing industry. We have the knowledge, the expertise and the resources to assist your company in getting the financing that allows you and your company to grow. 

We Offer:

  • Competitive Rates
  • Flexible Structures
  • Simple Documentation
  • Quick Approvals
  • Seasonal Payment
  • Deferred Payment
  • Much, Much More!

Why Finance With Han’s Laser Financial?

Han’s Laser Financial was set up solely to assist manufacturers and their distributors to provide financing for their customers. We will provide you with a financing package that is suitable for your current business environment. Our approval process is quick, our documentation is simple and our solutions will get you the financing your company needs!

Application Only

Han’s Laser Financial can finance a particular customer multiple times without reviewing your financial statements. We can assist you in getting your equipment easier and quicker. We can go up to $500,000 application only in some instances.

No Blanket Liens

While banks usually have these with their customers, Han’s Laser Financial does not. We only use the collateral we are financing as a security interest. We want your company to grow so that we can grow with you! Han’s Laser Financial wants to be your one-stop shop in financing.

Experience You Can Trust

Service that you can count on and a financing package that will fit your company’s needs. We will see where you have come from, analyze where you currently are and do everything possible to assist in your company’s growth by financing your future!